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An 1891 map of the area surrounding the Gold Mine Hotel.

Gold Mine Hotel Panel
The Gold Mine Hotel
Gold Hill Nevada
Gold Hill was a boom town that popped up when the huge amounts of gold that came to be known as the Comstock Lode were discovered in the 1850s.
Ironically enough, thousands of gold seekers passed through this area on the way to California in search of fortune without realizing the enormous wealth that lay beneath their feet. In 1859 a small group of men found the first indications of the gold below at the end of the Gold Canyon, on top of the hill that would soon come to be called Gold Hill.
Five months later, a rich vein of silver was discovered, and Virginia City began. Gold Hill and Virginia City became the prominent towns of the area and in almost the whole west, and were known as being centers of new-found wealth, excitement, and extravagance. In 1865 Gold Hill was organized as a town with somewhere between 1000 and 1500 inhabitants and by 1873 there were over 8000 people. Today only a few hundred people remain but recent re-development efforts hold promise for growth in the future.

Sometime during the early Gold Rush days in Gold Hill, one of the mine shafts was abandoned, seemingly without reason or explanation. Rumor has it the shaft had been one of the most productive of all the early exploratory digs.

Shortly thereafter, probably sometime in 1862, work on the original Gold Mine Hotel and Saloon began, directly atop the old mine entrance. It was owned by a local couple who had amassed a fortune from property claims others thought practically worthless. The Hotel did so well that the couple soon had the ability to build an impressive mansion on the outskirts of Gold Hill.

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